Salzburg Experience

Salzburg experience

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Salzburg is a magical place full of history and charm. To help you experience the city from its best side, we’ve chosen our favorite cafés, restaurants, and spots to visit. So that at the end of your trip, you can say: "Yes, I've really been to Salzburg!"

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(The Mozart Salzburg - Salzburg Experience). Hohensalzburg
When was the last time you've been left speechless?
(The Mozart Salzburg - Salzburg Experience). Getreidegasse
Watch a spectacular sunset from the castle, ideally with a glass of Crémant in your hand
(The Mozart Salzburg - Salzburg Experience). Café Fürst
A busy and elegant shopping street with number 9 being the most famous house in Salzburg: the birthplace Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
(The Mozart Salzburg - Salzburg Experience). Salzburg Festival
Café Fürst – open, since 1890. Try their wonderful specialty: sweet balls made of pistachio, marzipan and nougat.
(The Mozart Salzburg - Salzburg Experience). Hellbrunn
A once in a lifetime opportunity to see the festival highlight ‘Jederman’ (Everyman), a medieval play, performed outside Salzburg Cathedral
(The Mozart Salzburg - Salzburg Experience). Oldtown
Visit the former residence of the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg famed for his mischievous sense of humor. Stroll through the grounds of the magical water park and be prepared for a few ‘surprises’!

Further Tips

  • Salzach River

    Follow the Salzach river to Café Bazar, where the coffee flows.

  • Walks

    Wander through the streets of the old town of Salzburg and experience its history.

  • Gstättengasse

    Eat and drink with local Salzburgers at their ‘traditional meeting place’, in the historic centre of the city.

  • Steingasse

    Walk through Salzburg’s oldest street and visit number 31, once the home of Joseph Mohr, the writer of the lyrics of ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’.

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