The Story of the Mozart

Situated in the beautiful Andräviertel, described as the ‘Paris of Salzburg’, between Kapuzinerberg and the Mirabell Palace and gardens, the Mozart hotel has stood the test of time. Since the 1950’s, it has hosted guests from all over the world, charmed by its classic reputation and traditional values of hospitality.

 (The Story of the Mozart).

The Mozart Hotel

Today, its past has become an important feature of its present and future, with a new look design which blends both its history and tradition, with a more modernist approach, in keeping with the requirements of guests in the 21st century. Like Mozart, whose music has proved timeless, we think we have achieved that, producing a hotel which could be described as a ‘modern classic’.

The house of good family.

Our Philosophy

A hotel is not just a room from home. It’s more than that. It should be an experience. Our excellent staff are on hand to ensure you have the best possible one during your stay. Whether it’s a breakfast of home-made delicacies in the sun, a view of snow-covered mountain peaks from your beautiful room or an evening of good conversation and laughter in the bistro bar, we want you to feel alive, inspired and creative. Like Mozart’s music. Something to remember.


At Hotel Mozart, we love old-fashioned tradition. Things that have proven their worth over time, and yet still work today. But we also embrace change. Like our namesake, Wolfgang Amadeus, we are always working on a new composition, improving, refining and redefining who we are. Unique, unforgettable, contemporary and yet classic. If he were alive today, we think he would approve.


 (The Story of the Mozart).